2012 Resolutions

To have them in one easily accessible place so I can easily check back to remind myself, here they are:

2012 Goals and Resolutions


  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Eat something for lunch every day
  • Meal plan so I have a variety of dinners to choose from, and include more vegetables and rice and lean meat and less pasta
  • Take my vitamins every day
  • Drink more water
  • Floss 4 times per week minimum
  • Do workout tape at least once a week, with handweights
  • During the winter, go to the mall once a week and walk
  • During warm weather, go for a walk 2-3 times per week
  • Go to the dentist
  • Get glasses


  • Hang frames on walls
  • Order canvases
  • Buy initial letters
  • Make or find a small chalkboard
  • Buy a filing cabinet and organize all my files and all random papers in the office
  • Pick paint colors and paint downstairs and second room upstairs
  • Vacuum once a week
  • Buy or make a big bulletin board for office
  • Buy a cheap bookshelf
  • Plant flowers and plants out front in the spring and summer, make the front look prettier
  • Find and hang curtains
  • Do dishes every night so kitchen is clean in the morning
  • Put away Elsa’s toys and straighten living room every night
  • Make bed every day


  • Meal plan every week, make strict shopping list based on it
  • Budget weekly amounts for food and personal items, learn how to do this and be much smarter with spending
  • Keep my office clean and organized
  • Find some new good, healthy recipes for dinner, that are also very budget-conscious for now
  • Wake up before Elsa at least twice a week
  • Read one book per month for pleasure
  • Take Elsa to at least 2-3 fun things per week (community center playtime, play dates, park, mall, etc.)
  • Respond to emails within two days
  • Get a planner and plan in advance when I will clean, when I will shop, and other various things
  • EVERY Monday is a fresh start, a new blank slate, a new chance to be better and work towards the person I want to be
  • Get things done NOW.  Stop putting things off.  Stop procrastinating.  Do something before lazy time.  Get off the couch.


  • Make website
  • Update and change blog
  • Make postcards to leave with businesses
  • Print business cards and dvds
  • Make new contract
  • Make business plan
  • Set aside all tax money right away, including 15-20% for income taxes
  • Be much much much much more organized
  • Say no to what I don’t want to do


  • Call my parents once a week at least
  • Skype with G&P once a month at least
  • Call my grandpa and grandma once a month
  • Have a date night with husband once a week – nothing elaborate or special, but could include (with Elsa) going for a long walk, checking out new parks, going to the mall, going to dinner, or (without Elsa) renting a movie, playing a game – just so we have something different from just sitting on the couch doing nothing
  • Respond to my friends’ emails right away instead of waiting and forgetting
  • Get together with my friends every week or two weeks at most

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