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We’re 18 days into the new year, and I just decided I should do a check-in to see how I’m doing so far, and also give myself a little reminder and renewed excitement about all my new years’ resolutions!

Overall I feel okay, I think I’m doing better in general than I did last year.  Every day I clean the kitchen numerous times, and every night I put all Elsa’s toys away so our main floor at least feels straightened and ready for the next day.  I have gone to bed early most nights so am getting better sleep.  I bought a planner and every weekend so far I have made my lists for the next week of what I want to do each day, and I check those lists numerous times each day so I can try to cross off as much as I can.  I’ve been eating breakfast every day and sometimes eating a healthy lunch (as opposed to snacking on whatever Elsa is having or eating something quick) – but I need to get better on the lunch front.  I have been trying to do smarter grocery shopping once a week, but I’m still spending way too much so need to work more on that.  And I’ve cooked dinner most nights (and often healthy) or have something planned – although I want to get more creative and try more recipes.  I have made some little progress on the business front which is saying a lot, but I still need to stop procrastinating and do much, much more, because I need to make some money asap.  I’ve sold a camera I never use and have listed and sold some of the cloth diapers that I only used for a couple months.  My office is clean and mostly organized.  But of course I can still be a lot better, and a lot less lazy, and more organized.

I’m doing good so far with staying positive and I love having my new planner and lists, they really help me feel like I’m staying on top of things.  But I’ve already lost the new years’ EXCITEMENT over becoming better, so I want to get that back.  Each Monday is a fresh start for me because of my planner and lists, but I’m not able to put the past week behind me with all I didn’t do, and forgive myself for all the things I don’t like in order to have an exciting fresh start to each week, so I need to work on that more.

Anyway, my resolution list again and I’ll check in with each thing:

2012 Goals and Resolutions


  • Eat breakfast every day – doing good with this.  Sometimes easy cheerios with Elsa, sometimes oatmeal, and sometimes yogurt, granola & fruit.
  • Eat something for lunch every day – not doing great with this.  Some days I have made myself yummy salads and I feel great when I do, but more often I’ve fed Elsa but not fed myself, or just had some graham crackers or even very bad for me pretzel crisps.
  • Meal plan so I have a variety of dinners to choose from, and include more vegetables and rice and lean meat and less pasta – I’ve sort of done meal plans, but not enough.  I’ve been smarter when shopping though, and at least made actual plans while I’ve been there.  Need more meal options still.  I have definitely done more vegetables and rice and less pasta, but still need to be constantly working on this, and also planning out which vegetables to buy before shopping
  • Take my vitamins every day – check, both morning and night
  • Drink more water – oooo I haven’t been as good with this.  I’ll work on this over the next week.  I’ve been drinking fruit tea at least once a day so I feel good with that, and it helps curb wanting boredom food, but I need to make sure I’m filling up a water glass more often.
  • Floss 4 times per week minimum – no, I’m failing at this so far.  I need to move my bag of floss sticks up to the bathroom instead of having them downstairs, cause I’ll happily floss after brushing and often think about it but have no sticks up there.  I will move some up today.
  • Do workout tape at least once a week, with handweights – fail.  I always feel like I have so many other things to do during Elsa’s nap(s).  My lists for most days are long and I get the most done during her sleeps.  But must make an effort to do this just a once a week for now.  On Thursday I’m putting it on my list, cause Thursday is a lighter day for me list-wise.  Seriously how do working moms manage????  I often think about that.
  • During the winter, go to the mall once a week and walk – so far haven’t done this, it’s been on my lists but I haven’t gone.  I will start this next week.
  • During warm weather, go for a walk 2-3 times per week – n/a.  Very very cold this week!
  • Go to the dentist – we just found out that we’re getting benefits finally through hubby’s work so as soon as they’re in place, I’ll make appointments for both of us!
  • Get glasses – again with the benefits, will do this as soon as they’re finalized (and I know how much is covered, may have to wait until spring or summer depending on our out-of-pockets costs)


  • Hang frames on walls – check for in the dining room, we have a whole picture wall!
  • Order canvases – check for the 12×12 family canvases!  Still need to choose photos for bigger ones, and also figure out where they’ll go first
  • Buy initial letters – not yet
  • Make or find a small chalkboard – not yet
  • Buy a filing cabinet and organize all my files and all random papers in the office – I’ve organized all our bills and statements and such (loose papers) into files and put in our old file cabinet.  So mostly check!
  • Pick paint colors and paint downstairs and second room upstairs – not yet
  • Vacuum once a week – have pretty much done this.  Need to vacuum still this week (I didn’t over the weekend or on Monday as I planned)
  • Buy or make a big bulletin board for office – not yet
  • Buy a cheap bookshelf – sort of, we bought two cheap basement storage shelves and for now have them in the office so there’s a place to put things finally
  • Plant flowers and plants out front in the spring and summer, make the front look prettier
  • Find and hang curtains – not yet
  • Do dishes every night so kitchen is clean in the morning – check!!
  • Put away Elsa’s toys and straighten living room every night – check!!
  • Make bed every day – most days I’ve done this.  Every once in awhile I’ve gotten lazy, but I’m doing well.


  • Meal plan every week, make strict shopping list based on it – sort of but need to be better
  • Budget weekly amounts for food and personal items, learn how to do this and be much smarter with spending – I’m paying more attention to prices when I shop, but need to make an actual budget and decide how much I’ll spend at the store each week based on that, and make our food and especially meats last longer
  • Keep my office clean and organized – I’m doing better than last year.  It’s largely organized and straightened but I need to keep up with it better, straighten every day, cause even now there are some various things sitting here that could and should be put away.
  • Find some new good, healthy recipes for dinner, that are also very budget-conscious for now
  • Wake up before Elsa at least twice a week – did this the first week, wasn’t so good with this the last two weeks.  So need to work on it.
  • Read one book per month for pleasure – I’ve started my first book and have been reading some of it before bed a few nights!
  • Take Elsa to at least 2-3 fun things per week (community center playtime, play dates, park, mall, etc.) – I’m failing at this big time because of being so into my lists of things to do.  I need do much better with this.  Next week I will, cause mother-in-law will be gone and I’ll arrange my lists next week so I have two light days so Elsa and I can go out
  • Respond to emails within two days – I’m doing sort of better with this, with friends and acquaintances who have messaged me, but still need to improve on this
  • Get a planner and plan in advance when I will clean, when I will shop, and other various things – check!!
  • EVERY Monday is a fresh start, a new blank slate, a new chance to be better and work towards the person I want to be – need to work on the excitement part, but I do love making a new plan for the next week each weekend
  • Get things done NOW.  Stop putting things off.  Stop procrastinating.  Do something before lazy time.  Get off the couch. – need to improve on this.  I’m doing good with the cleaning and straightening part, and with getting some things done off my list, but I still have a lot of room for improvement here.  Lots of room.


  • Make website – not yet
  • Update and change blog – not yet
  • Make postcards to leave with businesses – not yet
  • Print business cards and dvds – contacted someone
  • Make new contract – not yet
  • Make business plan – not yet
  • Set aside all tax money right away, including 15-20% for income taxes – haven’t had any income to set aside yet
  • Be much much much much more organized – starting to but obviously haven’t done much
  • Say no to what I don’t want to do – have done this a couple times


  • Call my parents once a week at least – have at least communicated through phone, texts or emails
  • Skype with G&P once a month – just did last night
  • Call my grandpa and grandma once a month – need to hook up our home phone and call them
  • Have a date night with husband once a week – nothing elaborate or special, but could include (with Elsa) going for a long walk, checking out new parks, going to the mall, going to dinner, or (without Elsa) renting a movie, playing a game – just so we have something different from just sitting on the couch doing nothing – we haven’t formally talked about this or planned anything, so I need to do that.  But I’ve been good with planning regular sex so I feel closer to him and happier already!
  • Respond to my friends’ emails right away instead of waiting and forgetting – doing sort of good with this, still need to be better
  • Get together with my friends every week or two weeks at most – so far doing good at this

Okay I’m reminded now of many of my resolutions.  And I’m feeling good and positive about the things I’m doing well, and am reinvigorated about the things I’m not yet doing or not doing well.  Now I can make a new plan for next week based on my check-in so I’ll feel even better!!

And on a separate note, today is Day 6 after ovulation.  Every day my excitement grows and my desire for this month to work grows exponentially.  I started off very calm and realistic and not hopeful, but now I’m the opposite and now I’ll be so super disappointed if I get a negative test result.  I’ve been looking at maternity clothes online – is it weird that I love maternity clothes so much?  I get sooooooo excited by them and think pregnant bellies are absolutely gorgeous in pretty maternity clothes!  And last night I spent an hour and a half on the baby name forum.  Even though I rarely find any new names to add to my lists, and I already have my favorites, but I still loving reading that forum so much.  And I saw most of the commenters with their countdown ticker of how far along they are, and I can’t wait until I can be having my pregnancy watch and counting the weeks.  I so can’t wait to be pregnant again, I’m definitely one of those women who loves being pregnant and loves having babies and loves being a mom.  I wish I wasn’t 35 already, then it would be a no-brainer for me to want a third child.  I would love to have three kids, but my age and money are the two biggest factors against it.  But I already get so sad thinking that we may never again be trying for a baby and have that excitement, and I’ll only get to be pregnant this one last time.  I feel like it’s not enough, even right now before I’m pregnant with baby #2 I feel like we’re not done at 2.  But I have a feeling the hubby won’t go for having three.

Anyway though, every day I think about what day past ovulation it is.  Every day I so hope there’s a fertilized egg traveling down the tube, and I so hope tomorrow or in the next couple days it will implant successfully.  But I also feel completely normal, almost too normal (even though I know my body wouldn’t even know I was pregnant yet, cause really I wouldn’t be until implantation), so a part of me feels already like it’s just total wishful thinking on my part and there’s nothing going on in there right now.  I will be so disappointed though if that’s true.  But I guess then just start looking forward to February and having another fun period of trying, and I really do love that closeness I feel with the hubby during that time, I’m soooooo happy and excited during that whole time.  :)

Fingers crossed though!