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WEEK: 12



GENDER GUESS: I’m officially guessing girl, even though I don’t want to jinx it by thinking that!  The heartbeat at Tuesday’s apt was 160 beats/min, and today at my ultrasound it was 165 beats/min, so that’s definitely more in girl territory – even though I think I remember hearing that the heartbeat is usually higher like this early in the pregnancy.  Elsa’s was always lower, in the middle range but more in boy zone, so I also don’t want to get my hopes up too much for a girl.  Elsa’s usually ranged from 140 to 155.  But based on the sperm that I think counted the most, plus the heart rate, I’m guessing girl right now!

BABY’S HOMEWORK THIS WEEK:  Baby is having fun moving it’s arms and legs around (as I saw with the baby’s arms).  This week the baby’s fingers will begin to open and close, and it’s mouth will begin making sucking movements.  It’s toes will curl and eye muscles will clench, and as I saw from the ultrasound, if I push on my belly the baby will squirm around.  :)  Nerve cells are quickly multiplying and synapses forming in the brain.  The intestines have grown so fast that they protrude into the umbilical chord, but this week they start to move into the abdominal cavity.  And the kidneys begin extorting urine into the baby’s bladder.  The eyes have moved from the sides to the front of the head, and the ears are in their final normal place.

BABY’S SIZE: About 2 inches long and weighs .5 oz.


WEIGHT GAIN: I’m so confused by the weight thing.  I need to weigh myself on our scale upstairs.  Since no one reads this, I’ll just write down my weight (and if people start I’ll probably take the weight out – cause I started out still 15 pounds over my ideal that I hadn’t lost since Elsa, and that’s kind of embarrassing).  Anyway, my pre-pregnancy weight according to our scale was between 143-144.  As of 3 weeks ago, I was still weighing 143, so I need to check now.  But last week I was 148 on my family doctor’s scale (the kind that they slide the sliders), and on Tuesday at my OB’s office I weighed about 151 on their electronic scale.  I hate stupid scales and how different they are!  My belly pre-pregnancy was between 32 and 33 inches.  It’s been 36 inches for the last few weeks now.

SYMPTOMS: I’m feeling so much better now!  No stomach aches or feeling sick at all, which is so awesome.  But I’m still tired a lot, I usually nap during Elsa’s nap and I go upstairs to bed when Jody does, usually between 8:30 and 9:30 – although I usually don’t let myself fall asleep until around 10:30.  I have insomnia at least half the nights for an hour or two.  And I occasionally have the stretching ligaments feelings between my legs.  My gums may be starting to bleed a little more but I can’t say for sure yet.  And so far no heartburn or reflux which I’m very very happy about!

CURRENT MOOD: Tired.  Elsa fell asleep about 20 minutes ago and I really want to get this written, plus write my 19-months email to Elsa, plus write my brother back and call my mom about visiting, and possibly make a phone call to either my grandpa, grandma or brother to tell them about being pregnant.  But I’m also so tired.  But if I don’t do it during her nap then I never get it done, cause at night I’m so tired.

Right now, today especially, I’m feeling very happy and a little excited!  Today I had an ultrasound to check the neural tube fluid (which was good so I’m low risk so far!), and it was so cool to see the little baby in there!!  At the beginning it was putting it’s little arms both above it’s head, so so cool to think it’s just a couple inches long but already has these little arms and legs that are moving around!  So today is the first time I’m really feeling connected and pregnant and knowing there is a little baby in there!  Hearing the heartbeat was cool but basically just stopped my worrying that it wouldn’t be alive, but actually seeing it today was the best thing ever!  When I got home I filled out the rest of my calendar with all the weeks, now that I’m past the most dangerous part. And since the ultrasound today gave a low risk of downs syndrome I feel so relieved and more bonded now with the idea of this being a real little baby. :)  In about 3 weeks I’ll go have blood taken for the triple screen test, and hopefully that will come back also very low risk for all the genetic issues and then I will be free to be very bonded!

I’m hoping soon I get more energy and feel less tired.  I’m better with being able to play with Elsa here, but I often am too tired to go out anywhere.  So hopefully I have a second trimester burst of energy soon.

The one weird thing is I have no excitement about actually telling people or sharing the news, instead it feels like a chore to have to make all the calls and then write a big email and then put it on Facebook (and I need to take a good belly photo first).  Last time I couldn’t wait to tell, but I think it’s largely due to my tiredness – during Elsa’s naps I would rather sleep or watch TV and relax, instead of having to make obligatory calls.  And J has to write a long email to his mom regarding her behaviour before he wants to tell her, so knowing that that has to be done before we can tell her and then tell everyone makes it less exciting.  I’ll try to make one of my family calls today, even if tonight, cause the sooner I make the calls, the sooner I can email all extended family and close friends, and then whenever J has told his mom I can put it on Facebook and make it officially official.

CURRENT FAVORITE FOOD OR CRAVING: I still love milk and want it a lot.  And still somewhat crave sweet fruits or fruit juice.  And I still have zero desire to have any coffee.

DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS: OB appointment on Tuesday was perfect, heartbeat 160 beats/minute, uterus growing perfectly so all looks good!  And today ultrasound looked good, low risk so far for downs syndrome, and it was so wonderful to see the baby!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Today, even though I’m officially in the next week.  Seeing the baby was the best thing that could have happened, it made it real and made me feel really officially pregnant, and was so exciting!  Now I’m not nervous about telling people!

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Now I’m excited about feeling the baby move!  With Elsa the placenta was in the front so I didn’t feel her until around 21 or 22 weeks, so I hope it’s in the back this time so I can feel the baby around the more average 16 weeks!

WHAT I’M MISSING: I was just wishing I could have a Costco hot dog.  That sounds soooooo good, and I was thinking that as soon as the baby comes I want to go get one!