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I thought I’d only missed one week, not two weeks!  I’m glad I’m writing today when I’m exactly 17 weeks!  I know it’s still 3 weeks until I’m 20 weeks but now it seems so close to being half-way, it’s pretty exciting!!  I’m just waiting to feel the baby move.  Maybe I have, but I’m not definite about it so I hope in the next 2-3 weeks I start feeling it strong enough that I KNOW it’s the baby!

And I need to start attaching belly photos!  I’ll take a photo today or tomorrow and try to remember to add it in.

WEEK: 17



GENDER GUESS: I still feel like it’s a girl, and I always think of it coming out being a girl.  But yesterday at my OB appointment the heart rate was 150 beats/minute so that could be a boy.  Although Elsa was always in the lower ranges and still came out a girl!  I just looked at my weekly updates from Elsa and at 17 weeks her, her heart rate was 140 beats/minute!

BABY’S HOMEWORK THIS WEEK:  During the 18th week, the baby will be making many movements, exercising and flexing arms and legs. Blood vessels are visible through skin, and the ears are in their final position. A protective cover of myelin is starting to form around the nerves – and that process continues for the baby’s whole first year! Baby’s bones are starting to harden now from soft cartilage to bone, and one of the first parts to harden are the bones in the inner ear so soon baby will be able to hear my heart beating or stomach growling.

BABY’S SIZE: Baby is about 5 inches long from head to bum, and weighs about 5 ounces!


WEIGHT GAIN: Based on our scale here, I’m going to say I started at 144 pounds pre-pregnancy.  I’m now at 151, sometimes closer to 152.  With Elsa I’d gained 10 pounds at this point so I guess I’m okay with around 7-8 this time based on that!  My belly at belly button is still 37.5 inches, so it hasn’t grown in the last I think 3 weeks.  It’s huge compared to what I was with Elsa at this point!

SYMPTOMS: I’m having a really good pregnancy right now, I can’t complain about really anything!  I do have some symptoms but they aren’t bad right now, or at least I don’t feel like they’re bad at all.  I don’t have to pee a lot during the day but at night I get up usually 3-4 times, and often then have insomnia for a couple hours as well which is never fun.  Sometimes I have leg pains at night too.  I have a lot more energy now though, or maybe I wouldn’t say energy but I’m not exhausted all the time.  My worst time is probably mid-morning, I often get really tired again and soooo badly want to nap!  My gums don’t seem to bleeding that badly right now.  I’m getting a few little zits/pimples over the last week, and they aren’t nice easy-to-pop ones but more under the skin so make a bump, I don’t love those.  My nose still gets a little stuffy sometimes.    I just looked back to 17 weeks with Elsa and I was pretty much the same, not many symptoms and feeling good, just annoying gums bleeding.  So very similar pregnancy!

CURRENT MOOD: Happy!  I love feeling good again and I love that I’m nearing the halfway point!  Of course I know I have over 5 months to go still, but it still seems pretty exciting!  I’m excited and anxious to feel the baby move, I really want to start that part so I physically know it’s there.  Yesterday I had my OB appointment and Dr. Collister said everything looked perfect, my uterus is just where it’s supposed to be, and he found the heartbeat immediately!  That was so relieving cause having gone 5 weeks without hearing the heartbeat and with not yet being certain I feel anything, and also feeling so good, I had a slight worry that the baby wouldn’t be alive anymore.  So I now am excited and totally relaxed now that I know everything is going well!  I now sort of want my belly to start growing a little more.  My belly still isn’t pretty pregnant cause there’s some fat there as well, so I want it to get a little bigger and harder so it looks nicer and so people will know in a second that I’m pregnant when they see me.  They probably can now when I wear tight shirts, but sometimes it just looks like a round stomach but not for sure pregnant, and I feel like it makes my bum look rounder and bigger, too.  So I guess I’m just excited for the next few weeks!  To feel the baby, to have my belly grow a little, and to keep watching the weeks tick by!

CURRENT FAVORITE FOOD OR CRAVING: I really don’t have any right now that I can think of.  Sometimes I really want milk but that’s the only thing I’d say is close to a craving.

DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS: Yesterday with OB.  All is good!  All tests so far are good and I had the triple screen blood draw yesterday so I hope I hear in the next week that the baby is low risk for any of the genetic disorders.  Baby’s heart rate was 150 beats/minute.  I have my next appointment in a month, and two days after that have the big ultrasound!  I need to decide whether I want to go to BabyMoon after that to get good images, or wait until around 32 weeks to go to BabyMoon and get 3D images.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Yesterday, hearing the baby’s heartbeat!  It instantly relieved all my worries and I now feel just pure happiness and excitement, and will enjoy this time of not having too big of a belly and having hardly any symptoms!  

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Feeling the baby move!  Sometimes I think I feel a little flutter but it seems almost like I’m feeling it too low.  I THINK it’s the baby that I’ve felt, but it’s just not strong enough to be sure yet so half the time I try to convince myself that I am feeling it, the other half of the time i completely second guess myself.  So I think I’ve felt it, but I want to be SURE!

WHAT I’M MISSING: Hot dogs and brie.  Last week Elsa and I were downtown and we walked around for awhile after my appointment and all the hot dog stands were set up, one on every frickin’ block, and the smell was wafting towards me and smelled sooooooo  good!!