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It’s just a little over 4 months until baby will arrive.  That seems crazy now that I say that!  When I think that I’m 21 weeks so have 19 left, that seems like a long time.  And when I think that I still have 7 weeks to go before I’m in the third trimester, that seems like a long time.  But it’s almost August, and really I have the months of August, September, October and November and then baby arrives – so 4 months!

On the one hand I feel like it’s too early to be doing things.  I’m only just over halfway through.  But on the other hand, there are just 4 months left and in that time we have a week and a half vacation to Michigan, moving Elsa to a big girl bed (which I need to decide on), picking names, preparing baby’s room, buying things for baby’s room, going through all the baby stuff and cleaning it all and getting it organized, planning a 2nd birthday party for Elsa and getting her gifts, and preparing for Christmas – decorating house, buying Christmas gifts for J and Elsa, ordering Christmas gifts early for family and mailing (and I want to design little photo books for the grandparents from Elsa’s first year and second year).  And J will be busy during the summer and fall with building and finishing the garage, and finishing the basement, so most of this falls to me and since most of my day is spent being a mom to Elsa, I have limited time.  So now that I think of it, I really do need to start early!

This post is to help me organize my thoughts cause suddenly all the things that need to be done and prepared for are swimming around in my head.  I’m so bad at organization unless I make detailed lists (and even then I don’t always stick to them but it helps).  So hopefully this will help me get organized, and help me decide what things I can start doing now and make sure I’m getting everything done early that I can, so I’m not having the most stressful month of November ever and completely not enjoying the end of my pregnancy and all the excitement that comes with it!

Things to Buy:

  • big girl bed for Elsa – need to decide on and buy frame and bedding, possibly a thin mattress to go on top of what we have, a waterproof mattress pad, pillow, and guard rails.
  • birthday presents for Elsa, and also Christmas presents decided on and ordered
  • baby gift for Elsa – crib and change table for her baby, maybe something else?
  • new chair – either for Elsa’s room or baby’s room
  • carpet for baby’s room
  • decor for baby’s room
  • from Ikea for rooms – two dressers, two side tables, possibly cubby shelves
  • new change pad for baby’s room
  • get Elsa a halloween costume, and fall/winter clothes
  • furniture for basement

Things to Do:

  • Pick paint color and paint baby’s room
  • Set up baby’s room
  • Go through bins of baby clothes and supplies, clean, fold and put away
  • Go through baby toys and accessories and clean really really well
  • Plan Elsa’s 2nd birthday party
  • Go through hand-me-down clothes for Elsa and decide what she needs for fall and winter
  • Order birthday and Christmas presents for Elsa
  • decide on Christmas gifts for J and buy
  • make photo books for grandparents of Elsa’s first and second years, order
  • pick a couple other things to order for my parents for Christmas
  • pick names for baby
  • paint main floor?
  • design and decorate basement
  • decorate for Christmas in November
  • get Christmas cards all addressed and ready to go with just a photo needing to be dropped in (and letter)
  • start pottytraining Elsa if she’s ready for it?

I’ll add to these lists when I think of other things, I feel like there are so many more things.  And now that I think how I have only 4 months left it really pushes me to start!  Plus, I want the month of November to be as not busy and not stressful as possible.  I know I always say that and I always procrastinate and leave things to the last minute, but I REALLY mean it this time and need to push myself.  I don’t want to be so stressed the last month of my pregnancy so I feel guilty for not being a good mom and feel anxious about getting everything done before baby comes, and all that.  I FOR REAL this time want the month of November to be fun and relaxing, to be able to nest and bake and freeze lots of dishes, to be able to clean and read and enjoy the start of the Christmas season, and to be able to feel excited and ready for the weeks before baby comes.  I know I’ll have enough anxiety as it is then, with being nervous about labor, being nervous and anxious about being away from Elsa when I’m in the hospital, how Elsa will react to a new baby coming home with us, how stressful it will be the first couple weeks with the baby and having to care for Elsa at the same time, etc., and wanting to enjoy the Christmas spirit while I can.

Now I’ll try to do a bit of organizing what to do by month:


We’ll be gone from August 7-17 on our trip to Michigan.  So I’ll set a very limited amount of things that I’d like to do in August.

  • finish M’s photos and deliver
  • do album designs
  • pick and buy Elsa’s big girl bed stuff (I want to try to move her to the new bed on Sept 1st)
  • pick Elsa’s birthday presents, Christmas presents, and present from the baby, and possibly place order already
  • buy everything from Ikea on way back from Michigan
  • set up new dressers and bedroom furniture in Elsa’s and baby’s rooms
  • decide what want to do for another chair (whether new chair for Elsa’s room or new chair for baby’s room)
  • go through hand-me-down clothes for Elsa, make list of everything we still need to buy
  • first go-through of names


I’d like to get a LOT done in September.  I’ll still be feeling relatively good, I’ll have the freshly fall spirit, and don’t have to worry about bigger things like Elsa’s birthday or Halloween or decorating for Christmas.  So September needs to be my biggest get things done month!

  • Design Elsa’s first year albums, order
  • Design most of Elsa’s second year albums
  • Pick paint color for baby’s room and paint room
  • Order all Elsa’s birthday, Christmas and from baby gifts
  • Buy a carpet for baby’s room
  • Try to buy another chair by end of month
  • Buy fall and winter clothes for Elsa
  • Buy change pad for baby’s room
  • Buy Christmas presents for J
  • Pick date for Elsa’s 2nd birthday party


This is the month to finish up most big things, to have Elsa’s birthday party, and Halloween.

  • Plan and have Elsa’s birthday party
  • Set up baby’s room except for crib
  • Set up basement furniture and probably bed
  • Hang Elsa’s art on wall
  • Finish Elsa’s second year photo book and order
  • Order any other Christmas presents
  • Pick out and buy Christmas cards, address envelopes
  • Go through bins of baby clothes and supplies, do first wash and put away in drawers
  • Get out all baby toys and stuff and start cleaning them
  • Paint main floor? At least living room?
  • Buy year-long membership to Children’s museum


Finish things up, decorate baby’s room a little, read a couple books, bake, clean, cook and freeze meals.

  • Finish cleaning any of baby’s toys
  • Wash all of baby clothes and blankets again and put away
  • Get Elsa’s present from baby ready to give her
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Make meals to freeze – chill, chicken soup, frozen zip locks of slow cooker meals,
  • Clean everything in house
  • Mail out Christmas gifts to everyone
  • Read books
  • Enjoy Christmas spirit
  • Write a draft of Christmas letter in case baby comes late
  • Have basement ready for grandparents to sleep in
  • Clean breast pump and storage containers and have ready to go
  • Pick final names if already haven’t


Baby arrives!  Get a family photo soon after, print, write/finish Christmas letter, mail cards.